The next step in Lite DJ Case Industry

Designed for for those who prefer liter weight cases, but still want the durability and weatherproof attributes of DJ Cases. Eurolite DJ Cases are carried by DJ's worldwide for several simple reasons:

Built to survive 50 Trips: Guaranteed

Our DJ Cases are constructed with the quality assembly of industrial materials and hardware available: split steel riveting, 1/4 inch walls, ATA certified, and Kromed Hardware.

It is twice as liter than regular record cases, using engineered boards and aluminum coating, we've fine tuned quality, durability, strenght, appearance and of course price this days is major concern for buyers.

Designed with Chromed corners, Comfortable Handles, Recessed Hardware and rubber pads for sensitive landing.


3 Row CD Cases
4 Row CD Cases
CD Case with Wheels

CD DJ Cases

Portfolio CD Wallet - Holds 80 CD's